1. overtly, openly, in open sight, in the open, out in the open, in full view, in plain view, publicly, in public, in public view, for all to see; up front, on the table; before one's eyes, Inf. under one's nose; to one's face, face to face, man to man, heart to heart.
2. candidly, frankly, forthrightly, directly, straightforwardly; explicitly, unequivocally, undisguisedly, plainly, in plain words or English, with no nonsense, all joking aside; outspokenly, freely, boldly, unreservedly, unrestrainedly, unconstrainedly, uninhibitedly, unshrinkingly.
3. truly, truthfully, veraciously; guilelessly, ingenuously, sincerely, artlessly, naively, simply, undecep-tively, undeceitfully, undeceivingly, without artifice.
4. honestly, uprightly, upstandingly; honorably, respectively, fairly, decently, justly.
5. open, open and aboveboard, straight, square, square-dealing, fair and square, square-shooting, straight-shooting; legitimate, up and up, Sl. on the up-and-up, up front, on the level, no-nonsense; honorable, respectable, reputable, creditable, estimable.
6. candid, frank, forthright, direct, straightforward, straight-from-the-shoulder, man-to-man, heart-to-heart; plain, plain-spoken, plain-speaking, downright, outright, explicit, unequivocal, unambiguous, undisguised, Inf. flat-footed; outspoken, free, free-spoken, free-speaking, unreticent, bold, unreserved, unrestrained, unconstrained, unchecked, unabashed, uninhibited, unshrinking.
7. guileless, ingenuous, sincere, genuine, artless, naive, simple, transparent, undeceptive, undeceitful, undeceiving, undissembling; true, truthful, veracious.
8. honest, upright, upstanding; fair, honorable, decent, just.

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